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Your Dog will love to stay at Dog Room Club when their owners are away. Unlike a traditional boarding kennel, our focus is to monitor each guest closely, give them plenty of hugs , belly-rubs and make sure they get lots of exercise, playtime and human interaction each and every day.

We love dogs and we understand that your dog is a loving member of your family. That’s why we treat every member of your family (2 and 4 legged) like our own. Dog Room Club is your dog’s home away from home.

Overnight Accommodations Include

• Cage - Free spacious indoor climate controlled area
• Daily, three to four elimination breaks outside (weather permitting)
• Daily monitoring and wellness checks by our team to ensure our guests are enjoying themselves during their stay
• Meals served twice daily or as requested
• Comfy cots and bowls provided
• Daycare and Playtime activities
• Members only: 7 nights and over, guest receives a complimentary BATH to go home smelling fresh and looking fabulous.

Who Can Stay?

• In Good health and current on all vaccinations including Rabies, DA2PP and Bordetella
• At least 16 weeks of age
• Spayed or Neutered if older than 8 months
• Passed the social evaluation test
• All Food and medications (if needed) for boarding must be provided by the owner

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